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16 April - Day in History of India and Importance

April - Day in India History - Schedule

Railways Day

1853 - First train journey in India - First train run between  Mumbai to Thane
(2013 Google showed a doodle showing a train running to commemorate the day that happened 160 years ago) (  ) (  )

The Times of India carried the news item on 18 April 1853 "On Saturday last, the 16th instant, the railway between Bombay and Tanna was opened wtih all due pomp and ceremony."

1903 - Kalka - Simla Railway line opened for public.

1959 - Rourkela Steel plant's first furnace started functioning.

1962 Third Lok Sabha was constituted after third general election. Congress party won the majority and  Jawaharlal Nehru became the prime minister.


1848 - Kandukuri Veeresalingam
1918 - Lalita Pawar

Jai Prakash (MP, UP),

Laura Dutta,

Swati Tirunal Rama Varma (1813)

April - Day in India History - Schedule

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