Sunday, April 7, 2013

Umaji Naik - An Early Freedom Fighter - 1979 - 1832

After the defeat of Marathas in 1818, British administration could not absorb Ramoshis, who were entrusted with night patrolling and policing by Maratha governments.

From 1825 onwards, Ramoshis rose in revolt against British under the leadership of Umaji Naik. He issued an anti-British Manifesto.

The content of the manifesto issued by Umaji Naik


All people including kings-nobles should execute every English European they come across.

All those participating in such executions will be duly rewarded with lands and cash prizes after the new rule is established.

Those who have lost their ancestral rights or properties should come forward to help. All residents of Bharat should unitedly organise a revolution leading to anarchy in the country.


He was caught by British on 10 December 1830.  It has been said that his sister was responsible for his capture. He was invited for an holy occasion to the house and British arrested him as per plan. He was executed by the British on 3 February 1832. He was on the very early revolutionaries against the British.

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