Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Battle of Kayadara (Gujarat), 1178 - Defeat of Muhammed Ghori

 In 1178 Muhammed Ghori, marched towards Gujarat capital of Anhilwara (modern Patan).

Gujarat was ruled by the young Indian ruler Bhimdev Solanki II (ruled 1178–1241). The army was commanded by his mother Naikidevi.  Muhammad's army had suffered greatly during the march across the desert, and Naikidevi inflicted a major defeat on him at the village of Kayadara (near to Mount Abu, about forty miles to the north-east of Anhilwara).  The invading army suffered heavy casualties during the battle, and also in the retreat back across the desert to Multan.

An army led by Qutb al-din Aibak,  Ghori's deputy  invaded again  in c.1195–97.  Bhimdev defeated Aibak again and adorned himself as "Abhinav Siddharaj". 

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