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1965 India - Pakistan War - 1st to 23rd, September

9 April 1965 - Pakistani forces in brigade strength attacked the CRPF manned Sardar post near the old ruined Fort of Kanjarkot.

29 April - Simple ceasefire declared.

1 September 1965 - Pakistan attacked Indian borders in Chamb area.
2 September 1965 - Pakistan Army entered Indian territory up to a depth of 5 miles.
3 September 1965 - Addtional brigades moved to defend Akhnoor against Pakistan army attack.

4 September 1965 - ECC met twice. Reply to U-Thant UNO General Secretary fnalized. 2 Pak aircraft were shot down.
1965 War Inside Story - Diary of Y.B. Chavan, page 28

6 September 1965 - India entered into counterattack on 6 September

12 September
Visit of U-Thant to Delhi
Battle for Chhawinda
Attack on Khem Karan - India suffered losses of men in small attacks - 4 Sikh, 2 Mahar Troops lost good number of men.

Ceasefire was declared on 23 September


The 1965 Indo Pakistan War.
From Book, Transition to Triumph

1965 War, the Inside Story: Defence Minister Y.B. Chavan's Diary of India-Pakistan War
R. D. Pradhan, Yashwantrao Balwantrao Chavan
Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 01-Jan-2007 - India - 141 pages

Conflict Between India and Pakistan - Peter Lyon

Some Comments on War by Major General (Retd) Niranjan Prasad

From Gibraltar to Grand Slam . A narrative by Inder Malhotra

Review of Farooq Bajwa's Book - From Kutch to Tashkent The Indo Pakistan War of 1965 in Frontline

Indian Air Force has to reason to celebrate September 5, 1965.

Role of Madras Regiment in 1965 War

Air Force Day Backgrounder - PIB News Item - 2001

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