Saturday, June 23, 2018

Princess of Ayodhya - Queen of a Korean Kingdom - 48 A.D.

Heo Hwang-ok - Queen of Geumgwan Gaya

This is a Korean name; the family name of the princess is Heo.

Heo Hwang-ok is mentioned in Samguk Yusa, a 13th-century Korean chronicle as the queen. She was the wife of King Suro of Geumgwan Gaya kingdom. The legend states that she arrived on a boat from a distant kingdom, and married the king in the year 48 CE. She was the first queen of Geumgwan Gaya. Now, researchers of South Korea, conclude that she came from Ayodhya.

A memorial to her is built in Ayodhya.

Six million Koreans trace their descent to her.

We need to know more about her.

Korean memorial to Indian princess in Ayodhya

Indian Envoy in Seoul Authors "Silk Empress"
Indian Princess Weds Korean King 2,000 Years Ago
19 July 2007

Mr. Nagesh Parthasarathy, IFS has  published two books: ‘The Reluctant Assassin’, a fictional thriller and ‘Bi Dan Hwang Hoo’ (Silk Empress), a fictional novel linking the ancient history of India and Korea-also published in Korean language.

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