Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hindus Won Many Battles with Muslim Armies - Success of War Strategy and Tactics - YouTube Video

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He spoke about how Indian kings resisted invasions from Arabia from 712 ad to 1206 AD and the reasons for India still remaining hindu.

From the Comment by the Video Uploader on YouTube

The only equilant for the suffering india faced from 712 AD to 1857 AD was the holocaust. Hitler killed jews in millions for 10 years. Jews haven't forgotten it, world hasn't forgotten it. But Indians  have conveniently forgotten the 90 million slaughtered hindus in bharathvarsha from 712 ad to 1857 AD. .It has been hidden in the pages of history. They say that winners write history books. The same thing happened in India. The persons who control India wrote history books and threw such an event into the dust bins of history. How did India survive this? The cooperation among Hindus at village level stood as a rock against Muslim and Christian Invasion.It helped the Hindu society to survive the threats of religious conversions from Hindu religion to Islam and Christianity.

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