Thursday, March 29, 2012

Indian History - NCERT Book Chapters

Part of Indian History - Knol Book

6th Class

Earliest Cities

Janapadas and Mahajanapadas

Buddhism and Jainism


Prashasti of Samudra Gupta

Stupas, Temples and Books

7th Class

7th Century Kingdoms

Delhi Sultans


Bhakti Movement - Nayanars and Alwars

Regional Culture Development - Malayalam Language and Kathak Dance

1707 to 1800

8th Class

Weavers and Cotton Mills in India

Education in English in India

Visual Arts - Raja Ravivarma and Tagore

Formation of Congress and Democratic Movement for More Powers and Freedom

India - Immediately After Independence

12th Class

Early States and Economies BCE 600 to 600 CE

Al Beruni, Ibn Batuta - Customs of Indians 10th to 17th centuries

Bhakti - sufi traditions

Akbarnama and Badshah Nama

Original knol - 3478

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