Saturday, May 10, 2014

22 May - Day in History of India and Importance

1545 Sher Shah Sur died.

1930 - 2500 volunteers under the leadership of Sarojini Naidu, raided the Government Salt Works at Dharsena in Surat District as per the decision of Gandhiji. 400 police men raided lathi blows on them killing 2 persons and injuring 320 seriously. The satyagrahis suffered the punishment  imposed on them by the government as per the non-violent programme of civil disobedience.

1936 - Foundation stone of Brabourne stadium in Bombay was laid.
1953 - Mount Everest conquered. Tenzing Norgay of Darjeeling accompanied Edmund Hillary.
1996 - 11th Lok Sabha's first session begins.
1996 - Deve Gouda electedd as 3rd Front's parliamentary party.

Dilip Donde, became the first Indian to circumnavigate world on a sailboat. Entered Mumba harbour.

Arjun Vajpai, 16 year old school boy climbed Everest.

May 22 Birthdays - Famous Indians

Raja Rammohan Roy
1917 Suniti Chaudhary - Freedom fighter
1940 Erapalli Prasanna (Cricketer - Off spin bowler)
Mehbooba Mufti,
Homi Wadia,



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